About Us


VCT.elements is the little offspring of the VeloCulTour Community.

A fresh, authentic and down-to earth bike-brand, that not only enhances your bike experience to higher spheres, but also makes you wanting more.

For us only the fun and the passion for biking counts, thats why we like to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

What we offer

Pure bike madness!

Following the example of VeloCulTour, VCT.elements is your all-round provider concerning the bicycle.

While VeloCulTour takes care of the right framework by organizing shaking bike tours and taking you to the most thrilling hotspots for bike fans, VCT.elements is in charge of the appropriate equipment and makes sure your pedals never have to stop rotating. We don’t differentiate between the kind of bike you ride or various performance standards. We welcome every type of rider in our bike world.

The Bike – our Lifestyle

By saying that, we mean the energy that boils in your veins when you see the ground flash by under your tires. und die Geschwindigkeit dir den Magen zusammenzieht. Das Gefühl von Kraft wenn du nach einem steilen Anstieg deine Lunge mit einer frischen Flut von Sauerstoff befüllen und über eine mitreißende Landschaft blicken kannst. Die Genugtuung wenn du andere hinter dir zurücklässt und mit jeden Mal ausdauernder und schneller wirst.



We share one common passion and we want you and anybody else to be a part of it.

That is why our products enjoy high quality standards and simultaneously prices that stay in a reasonable range. We set a high value on a self-developed and selected product range that exclusively consists of items we would – or are already using. Our parters and suppliers have been carefully chosen in order to always meet our requirements and standards. Consequently our bike assortment includes only cycling brands that we are convinced of and that have proved their worth.


Bikes   /   Bike-Parts   /   Bike-Wear   /   Nutrition


Our bike-parts are produced accordingly to our determined quality rules.

When it comes to the bike-wear collection, we unfold our creativity skills and develop with our partner comfortable, functional and classy clothing lines. We prefer to keep our bike-wear simple and plain but can’t help when sometimes some striking colors seep through.



Standstill is something that we don’t agree with. Same as our pedals, our product development never stops rotating.

We are permanently looking and searching for new ideas, concepts and products to improve your bike equipment.



If you don’t feel like online shopping, you should visit our VeloCulTour Bike Store in Neuhof, close to Fulda (Germany).

There you will find the same products and even more!

VeloCulTour Bike Store


The little Background Story

The brand VCT.elements is the result of a the teamwork of three of our VeloCulTour members/enthusiastic bikers and the former professional racer Patrik Sinkewitz from Fulda. For quite a long time we have been wondering about the big gap between appealing but overpriced and cheap but not appealing bike wear. Together we wanted to put an end to the lack of the decent average and decided to just launch our own brand and shake up the existing market.

After an extensive search we were lucky to find the suitable partner, one that met our quality demands and was open-minded enough for our design ideas. Collectively we started to combine material with design concepts. Gradually we saw collections arise. The next step was dedicated to the bike-parts. Of course our online store could not get along without the most important element – the bike. However, until we’ll produce our own vct.elements bikes, it will probably take some time.



Our Bike-Tours are provided and carried out by VeloCulTour, your passionate cycling specialist and partner.

Exciting, moving and thrilling adventures let you experience and feel the Bike-Lifestyle even more and keep you wanting more and more. 🚴🏼🚴🏼🚴🏼 Of course you are always accompanied by enthusiastic cycling experts.

VCT.elements helps spreading the tours and eases your booking process. Just try it!


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